Friday, October 26, 2012

Avatar Lives!

The reportedly on-again-off-again Avatar Project appears to be on...again.  Early yesterday rumors made the rounds on various internet sources saying the apparent issues between Walt Disney Imagineering and Avatar creator James Cameron had been resolved and the project was once again moving forward.  And then, within hours, what were said to be blue-print style plans for the new project popped up as well.

image copyright Disney

First, let me just state the obvious disclaimer right off the bat.  Disney has had no official word on the Avatar project since the original announcement of their partnership with Cameron late last year, and they have certainly not confirmed the veracity of these rumors.  Also, their is absolutely nothing found on these images that lead me to believe they are or are not “official”.  Basically, this could be the real deal, or it could be just a hoax.  Only time will tell.

Having said all that, leaking blueprints of future theme park projects is not exactly new for WDI.  Those who follow the Disney rumor mill will remember plans for the new Fantasyland were readily available on the internet months before any announcement of any kind was ever made.  So, I guess what I am saying is that if these leaked images in fact turn out to be true than WDI either has a mole or an interesting new strategy of floating ideas to the public.  (So, maybe this would be a good time to express your pleasure or displeasure with this idea.)

So let’s have some fun with this and assume for a moment they are real.  There are two things that stand out, the words “e-ticket” and “c-ticket” appear within what are apparently two attractions.  The “c-ticket” looks from the layout to be some sort of water based ride, a river of some kind that seems to meander in and out of the building.  The “e-ticket” dominates the plan with multiple theater areas and what appears to be a backstage facility for cleaning glasses, 3-D glasses I would imagine.  Could this be the first use of the rumored next generation of the Soarin’ technology?

I have said before, I am not a fan of the Avatar film and I am not all that excited about the Avatar Land, even after seeing these plans.  Perhaps when I get a look at artist renderings, and that sort of thing, my feelings will change.  But until than I will continue to say that additions to the Animal Kingdom should include, obviously, animals.  There already is a park for random film tie-ins and I guess I was hoping the Animal Kingdom would not head down that path.

But, let’s look at the bright side.  Camp Minnie-Mickey was supposed to be a temporary placeholder, and years later we are finally having it replaced by something that at the very least represents a  huge investment in time, money and creativity.  I will keep an open mind...

by Dave McBride @davemcb1897

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