Monday, November 5, 2012

Dinosaur, a Countdown to Extinction

You enter the “Dino Institute” through a lobby area filled with fossils and the kind of scientific information one finds in many a museums throughout the country.  As you pass through you get a quick presentation, with a voiceover by Bill Nye the Science Guy, which gives you a subtle hint into what you are about to experience.  But many guests talk their way through it, so it is on to the briefing room to prepare yourself to experience extinction at work.

You make your way into a small theater for the pre-show, a film aimed at setting the story for the attraction.  Fans of the Cosby Show, and children of the 1980’s, will love the cameo by Mrs. Huxtable, the actress Phylicia Rashad who here plays Dr. Helen Marsh.  Dr. Marsh introduces you to your ride vehicle and what she hopes will be your easy and relaxing time travel into the world of the dinosaurs.  But of course, like in the storyline for nearly all of Disney’s e-tickets these days, something goes horribly wrong.

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