Monday, December 31, 2012

Looking Back and Wishing Forward: Hurricanes and Relish

We continue today with our year end series of posts looking back at our top stories of 2012 and looking forward to what we wish will happen in 2013 at Disney's Animal Kingdom.  Today, our resident food critic and contributing writer Brooke takes a more personal look at things...

Looking Back at 2012:  My top story of 2012 is a personal one.  My family and I visited WDW in August during which Hurricane Isaac hit.  The morning the storm hit, we were waiting for a bus from the Boardwark to go to DAK for the day.  A cast member, whom I lovingly will refer to as "Buzzkill Bob", was trying his best to deter us from visiting the Animal Kingdom on this day.  In fact, he became a little annoyed with us for sticking to our plan, since we had reservations for lunch at the Yak & Yeti and were not going to pass up the chance to eat there.  Well, it turned out to be the best day ever!  We had the park basically to ourselves, received a lot of one on one attention from cast members who were great to chat about our love of the Animal Kingdom with, and enjoyed a great meal, albeit a very wet one, at the Yak & Yeti.

the author trekking through a hurricane
So my tip to anyone visiting during rain, be it a tropical storm or a hurricane, go to the Animal Kingdom!  Put on your poncho and enjoy the park.  Everything was open and the animals loved the temperature drop the rain brought.  They were the most active I have ever seen them.

 A Wish for 2013:  As for my wish for 2013 -- I really would love it if the Flame Tree Barbecue would bring back the Onion Relish they originally put on their sandwiches.  It was delicious and is truly missed.

By Brooke, contributing writer to Jambo Everyone
Twitter: @Brookie1248

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