Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Disney's Animal Kingdom From a Kid's Eye: The Boneyard, an Extraordinary Playground

When I think of the Boneyard I don't think of a park with a slide and monkey bars. I think of an extraordinary playground where you can dig up bones like a scientist. Not only that, but when you enter you can climb on a fake jeep. Over by that area, you can step on dinosaur footprints and they make noises like a dinosaur roaring. When you look up a small set of stairs, you can go and try to open the door. Behind that door, a man is yelling to shut it.  I also like all the different fossils of dinosaurs

In the summer, it is always fun to get a little wet in the water falls flowing down the rocks by the jeep. In those rocks, there are tunnels to run through. When I go through that tunnel, I like the pretend I'm running from the boulder from Indiana Jones.

By that area, there is a large set of stairs that goes to a rope and wood play house. There are ramps and tunnels to run through, and rope bridges and ladders to climb. Once you get to the second floor, the last floor, there is the entrance to the digging area. You have to walk over the walkway with dinosaur bones over you.

In the digging area, there are bones of dinosaurs under the sand. Watch out. The sand can get trapped in your shoes and socks. But besides that, its always an exciting and astonishing place. It really goes good with the theme of the dinosaur ride and Dinoland. Its like there is a dinosaur bone searching area outside the Dino Institute.

Overall, its a really cool and fun park to spend quality time in. To me, it is one of my favorite places in the Animal Kingdom park. It is also my favorite playground in the world.

By Explorer Mickey
Mickey is a contributing writer to Jambo Everyone.  He is eleven years old and yet a seasoned veteran of the Animal Kingdom.  He treks through the park uncovering the kinds of things an intrepid young explorer finds fascinating.

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