Wednesday, February 13, 2013

It Can Only Happen at THIS theme park!

Why do we love DAK so much?  Well there are dozens of reasons, but this story pretty much takes the cake...

image copyright Disney
A couple of weeks ago, the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and the International Crane Foundation alerted the animal experts at Disney’s Animal Kingdom of an injured endangered Whooping Crane found in South Florida.  The bird was part of a reintroduction project aimed at repopulating the specie.  Locals in the area saw the bird and reported it injured.

image copyright Disney
The DAK folks traveled to the area, found the crane, captured and cared for it at the park.  Well, the great news is that this morning via the Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund Facebook page, Scott Tidmus, a zoological manager at Disney's Animal Kingdom, posted a photo of the rehabilitated bird being released back into the wild!  Kwaheri to this magnificent bird, and the best of luck to you.  And a collective “asante sana” for the great work done by the DAK folks

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