Monday, February 4, 2013

We're Back!!

I suppose it goes without saying that we at Jambo Everyone have been away from our writing duties for the past week or two.  Well, the good news is our lack of new content was due to the fact that the entire Jambo Everyone team was spending some quality time at Walt Disney World.

We spent 2 nights at the Bay Lake Tower (which I wouldn’t recommend to anyone except the die-hard Magic Kingdom fans) followed by 5 nights at the incredible Kidani Village.  We spent many an hour at Disney’s Animal Kingdom and we have literally thousands of photographs to sift through and share with you, including these you see here.

The weather worked out perfectly for us. For most of our time there it was sunny but rather cool by Florida standards.  That meant the animals throughout the park were much more active than you will find them on a sweltering summer day.  It is another reason, along with somewhat diminished crowds, why the winter months is the best time to visit the park.

Needless to say we are back at the helm of the ship, so please visit here at the Bwana Blog and on Jambo Everyone.  And don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and Twitter as well, especially if you want to get a look at our new photos.  We have so many to share with you that it will take weeks to get them all up, so lots of new images are on the way.

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