Friday, February 8, 2013

Zebras Should Return to Kilimanjaro Safari Soon

Earlier this week, we reported in our News Round-Up that the new zebras in Kilimanjaro Safari had not been “on stage” for the past few days.  This is the herd being placed into the area once occupied by the Little Red animatronic scene and was the replacement of the anti-poaching storyline found in the attraction since opening in 1998.

The official word we got from Disney is they are currenty doing some “habitat redesign” on the new zebra area and anything resembling construction would disturb the herd too much to leave them out.  So until this work is done, the zebras need to stay offstage.  The animal care staff expects this work to be completed soon.

But that doesn’t necessarily mean the herd can come right back onstage for Safari goers to see.  Like any specie, zebras present specific challenges when in captivity, so any habitat change, even the smallest change, can mean a re-acclamation process that could take some time.  Our Safari Mike tells me that the zebra, in fact, can be something of a mischievous animal that doesn’t always play well with friends so you never can predict these things.

And this brings me to yet another chance to gush a bit more about why Disney’s Animal Kingdom is such an amazing place.  At any other theme park, when problems happen at an attraction it takes guys in hardhats to fix it.  At DAK, it takes way more than that.  It takes hardhats as well as amazing expertise in animals from around the world, along with some old fashioned trial and error.  And that’s the greatness of the park.

Hopefully the new herd will be happily in their new and improved habitat soon making guests happy as well.  Until then, if you really need a zebra fix head over to Kidani Village where you will find a gorgeous group of them.  I suggest you go right before sundown, preferably before your dinner reservation at Sanaa.  This can often be a time when these little hell-raisers can be very entertaining.

While you are at Kidani Village, be sure to have a chat with one of the cultural representatives hanging around the Pembe Savanna Overlook.  They are friendly and fascinating folks who will happily tell you all about these wonderful creatures, as well as there homeland and the rest of Africa.


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