Thursday, March 7, 2013

Saving a Lovely Little Cheetah Named Rainbow

I would like to take this chance to gush a bit over one of our Conservation Partners, the Cheetah Conservation Fund, and give you just one example of the great work they do and why they can use our help.

Namibian farmer keeping our orphan cheetah alive
Back in early February, Dr. Laurie Marker and her team at the CCF in Namibia received a call from a local farmer who picked up a clearly malnourished female cheetah cub from the side of the road.  The farmer brought the cub back to his farm and did everything he could to keep the cub alive.  Thanks to him, we have one more gorgeous cheetah in the world!

Rainbow heading to the CCF
The CCF team were called and they drove out to the farm to see the cub and hopefully take her back to their facility.  On the way there, Dr. Marker and her team saw a breathtaking rainbow over the Namibia countryside.  It was only appropriate to name their new cub Rainbow.

Dr. Laurie Marker (left) and the CCF team helping Rainbow
When they found Rainbow, she looked to be about 15 weeks old and weighed only around 11 pounds.  The farmer had her for a week and had managed to get her to eat a bit.  It stands to reason that without this farmer, Rainbow would easily have starved.  He kept her safe and alive, but being orphaned at such a young age she would never have survived on her own in the wild.

a healthy and happy Rainbow
And that’s where the CCF comes in.  They picked Rainbow up and brought her to their facility for medical treatment and nourishment.  And now, as you can see from the photo, it’s a few weeks later and she is looking absolutely gorgeous!  She is up to nearly 20 pounds and is certainly as photogenic as can be.  It is a fantastic story and one we will try our best to update as she progresses.

Rainbow is feeling better and the camera loves her
So, let’s do what we can to help the CCF.  This work is not easy and it’s certainly not free.  We invite you to head to our Conservation Page and click on the CCF’s logo to go to their donation page.  Also, they have a great store full of fantastic Cheetah related merchandise and the proceeds go straight to the fund.

So if you do choose to help, a big “Asante Sana” from all of us!!

by Dave McBride
Twitter: davemcb1897

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