Friday, April 12, 2013

DAK15 Photo Memories; Zebras on Safari

Today we begin our tribute to DAK@15 with the first stop on our photo journey down memory trail, as Safari Mike looks back at his 1998 trip to Disney's Animal Kingdom.  Many more historic photos and blog tribute to come so check back daily...

What's this? I thought they kicked out the zebra on the Safari. Not in 1998. You could find them in the Savanna West portion of the ride, alongside giraffe, wildebeest and, as you can see, Thompson's gazelles.

Looking back at my old 1998 photos, I find it remarkable how different Kilimanjaro Safaris looks, especially in this part of the attraction. The vegetation looks completely different, but I suppose that should be expected in a 15 year old savanna. To this day, it is still an incredible zoological exhibit.

by Safari Mike
Twitter: @jamboeveryone

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