Tuesday, May 28, 2013

A Closer Look at the Adventurer's Outpost

Today we have some photos of the Adventurer's Outpost, the brand new meet-and-greet location for the safari-clad Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

The Outpost takes the place of the old Beastly Bazaar store in Discovery Island.  And while many changes have been made to the inside of the building, the exterior has been largely left untouched.

Even the inside of the building has not changed much.  Remember these little details from the old Beastly Bazaar?

They seem to have simply added some nice photos and details, but the interior walls look like they always have, which is not at all a bad thing.  But it certainly does lead one to wonder why this took so long to open...

However, they certainly have put some thought into these new details, and some of them are really nice.  Is this the best themed meet-and-greet specific location in Walt Disney World?

And, of course, the payoff is to meet the first couple of Walt Disney World, Mickey and Minnie Mouse, appropriately clothed in their best exploring outfits.  I love the backdrop created here.

Our thanks to Jen Greene of Destinations in Florida, official travel agent of Jambo Everyone for providing these photos.  Drop Jen a line to get a quote or book your next WDW vacation or Disney Cruise.  Every trip means a donation to our Conservation Partners

by Dave McBride (twitter: @davemcb1897)

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