Monday, June 24, 2013

A Look at the Wild Africa Trek through a Kid's Eye

If you are looking for an adventurous time in the Animal Kingdom, you should check out the Wild Africa Trek. To enjoy this wild time, you have to make sure your parents book the trek before you go to Disney World. This attraction would be a great thing to do with your kids. Make sure your children are at least 8 years old. It might make your children feel like Indiana Jones looking for treasure.

First, you put your bags in a locker and try on your vest. It feels a little strange at first but you get used to it after a little while. Also, they give you a canteen (metal water bottle) that you get to keep which is a great souvenir to cherish from your trip. You also get a CD of photos that the guides take throughout the trek. You will get it in the mail after you get home. Also, before you start, they give you an ear piece and walkie talkie so you can hear the guides and don't get lost. You also get to walk over a practice bridge.

The first part of the trek you walk through Harambe and learn some neat things about the village. The you go through part of Pangani and get off on a secret trail only for the Wild Africa Trek people. During that trail, you get to see the hippos up close from a ledge at Kilimanjaro Safari. Don't worry about falling in because you get hooked up to a pole. You can even lean out a little bit. A guide talks to you about the hippos and throws food out to the hippo.

The next part you get to walk above the crocodiles of the safari ride. You are very high but there is a net under the bridge and you are hooked to a line. Its a great way to see the crocodiles and is even better than being on the safari ride. The bridge looks rickety and some wood pieces are missing or look broken, but the bridge is very safe and you feel more secure than you think you will at first. There are two bridges about the same size and you can see them from the safari. Sometimes a truck will even be driving below you.

Explorer Mickey chillin' at the Boma
Then you turn in your vests and get in a safari truck for a ride. The best part is you get to pull off the road and sit there to watch the animals a couple of times. We stopped at the large savanna, by the elephants and near the cheetahs. You also get to go to the boma, which is not the same as the one at the Animal Kingdom Lodge but they still call it that. The food is good but it is different and if you have a child or children they have kid's meals. You get jungle juice which is a delicious but healthy drink. The food comes in a tin can. The boma has an overlook to see the animals near the lions. Where you eat, you can see elephants on one side and giraffe on the other.

I hope you enjoy the Wild Africa Trek as much as me!

by Explorer Mickey


  1. We're booked for the Trek in a couple of weeks and I'm glad to see that the bridges may not be as scary as I feared. Great review!

  2. Explorer Mickey says "Thanks and have fun"