Monday, July 29, 2013

Disney Announces New Theater for the Festival of the Lion King

Okay, I am starting to think the folks at Disney listen to Radio Harambe and then announce something that makes myself and Safari Mike sound stupid...though come to think of it, that's not that hard.  Last week, after I pontificated about how I felt the D23 Expo will offer no real info about changes coming to DAK, the very day after the episode went live Disney announces D23 will feature a "teaser" regarding an Avatar attractions.  Today, after Safari Mike opined on how we shouldn't hold our breath waiting for an announcement on a new theater for Festival of the Lion King, guess what Disney announced on the Parks Blog?

That's right, the worst kept secret at Disney's Animal Kingdom is no longer a secret.  The new theater will open in 2014, no idea when exactly, and a pathway to it will lead from the bridge side of the Tusker House in Harambe , precisely where we thought it would go.

But in true Disney fashion, that is just about all the information they released.  No clue as to any improvements from the old theater, no timetable of any possible closures related to the move, and of course no mention of how it is related to the Avatar project.  However, they did say in the comments section that the show itself will remain as it is.

by Dave McBride (twitter: @RadioHarambe)

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