Wednesday, August 28, 2013

An Old Friend We Would Love to See Again

When I clicked over to the Disney Parks Blog this morning, I was briefly thrilled only to be brought back to earth upon reading a bit further.  You see, I saw a picture of Lucky the Dinosaur, who I miss very much.  And for a second I thought it might mean he was returning to Dinoland USA.  But no, this amazing creation will apparently remain sheltered in Disney obscurity.

Lucky is an animatronic Segnosaurus, and the first of the “Living Character Initiative” of remote-controlled free-moving animatronics.  Lucky pulled a cart and walked with his handler to the awe of guests.  He smiled, blinked and acknowledged guests with a bow of the head or wink of an eye.  He appeared at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, as well as Disney’s California Adventure, Hong Kong Disneyland and even some guest appearances at non-Disney locations.

image copyright Disney
Although he only briefly strolled the streets of the Animal Kingdom, he created a huge buzz at the park and I for one have been waiting patiently for his return.  And let’s face it, Dinoland USA is exactly where he belongs.  Is there any place else in all of Disney’s parks where Lucky would feel more at home?

The article commemorated 10 years since Lucky made his first appearance at The Natural History Museum of Los Angeles.  Since then this most impressive of Imagineering achievements has been something of an enigma.  Perhaps it is time for Disney to rethink Lucky’s role and bring him back to where he belongs, back among the land of the dinosaurs.  Next year Pixar will bring dinosaurs front and center to the Disney fan community.  That might be just the right time to have a certain walking dino back in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

by Dave McBride (twitter: @RadioHarambe)

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