Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Garden Kiosk Opens at Disney's Animal Kingdom

The new Garden Kiosk opened this week at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, located near the new Adventurer’s Outpost in Discovery Island.  Here is the official Disney description of what this new location will offer...

Here guests can stop and chat about food allergies or intolerances such as gluten or wheat, lactose or dairy, peanuts and tree nuts, shellfish, soy, fish, eggs and corn. And while you’ll be directed to the best restaurants to accommodate your needs, it’s important to still speak with a manager or chef at the restaurant – but you’ll already know exactly what the restaurant can accommodate before you begin your meal.

There is also a menu of healthy snacks available at the Kiosk, including hummus, rice chips and a variety of gluten-free options such as cookies, cupcakes, granola bars and even beer!  The only semi-bad news is Disney says the kiosk will be open from 9am-3pm, which seems the be a bit early for those looking for dinner.

With the opening of the Garden Kiosk, Disney’s Animal Kingdom becomes the most friendly Disney Park for those with food allergies and dietary needs.  While they still suggest you speak with a chef or manager, the info offered here limit that often uncomfortable conversation.  With any luck, this will be considered a success and other suck kiosks will be installed within the other three parks.

by Dave McBride (twitter: @RadioHarambe)

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  1. Can't wait to inspect this for myself; pure Disney genius!