Tuesday, August 6, 2013

What Keeps Me Up at Nights These Days

On the last episode of Radio Harambe, we discussed the new Festival of the Lion King theater announced last week.  The new theater is being built in Harambe, specifically in the currently unused area behind the Tusker House.  From what we can gather, guests will cross the bridge into Harambe and make an immediate left going behind the Dawa Bar.  And since that conversation, I have been experiencing sleepless nights as I am now full of dread that my beloved Dawa Bar will be axed to make room for the herding hordes of theater-goers.

Now let me start by saying that I have no reason to believe this horrible idea might come to pass.  No reason, except for the fact that it makes some reasonable sense.  If the idea is for people to walk behind the Tusker House, the walkway recently used for those attending the Wild Africa Trek, then it stands to reason that the folks in operations will question whether the current walkway is wide enough.  Because truth be told, the current path is not very wide at all.  And then there is that annoyingly vague announcement from Disney which refuses to offer anything but the obvious, leaving us wondering if these plans have actually been fully finalized.

But don’t let me put you in a panic.  This could just be a touch of paranoia on my part.  While the Dawa Bar is probably considered expendable by the bean-counters, I doubt Imagineering shares that same interpretation.  The Dawa Bar sports an amazingly beautiful thatched roof and lends itself perfectly to the idea of taking your time and relaxing a bit a DAK.  The African beer, wine and cocktail options on offer add to the cultural representation of Harambe.  Also, from the look of the current construction walls, it appears as though the Dawa Bar will remain untouched.  But it’s such a wonderful place, I’m sure you can understand why my palms sweat every time I think about it.

On the whole, Imagineering doesn’t exactly have a great record in the “plussing” department at Walt Disney World.  But I just keep managing to fall asleep by reciting to myself “Joe Rohde is in charge, Joe Rohde is in charge, Joe Rohde is in charge...”

by Dave McBride  (twitter: @RadioHarambe)

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