Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The New Theater Fallout

Tamu Tamu is one of my favorite counter service restaurants in all of Disney World. The seating around back is limited but such a pleasant place. Sure, its small and the menu is limited but everything is so good. There are currently three menu items. The slow cooked pulled beef in pita with a cucumber mint sauce has been around for a little while and I love it. The two new items, the quinoa salad and the african chicken salad sandwich are new and are both home runs. The sandwich comes with homemade potato chips which I also love.

This place hasn't always served this more unusual style of food. It has in the past been both an ice cream place and a hamburger joint. Considering its location, the limits of the the menu seem strange. Its front and center at Harambe. The first place you see. Now, the main reason it was initially an ice cream place is its neighbor, the Tusker House, which when the park opened was a large counter service restaurant. Obviously, park designers didn't see the need for two quick service places so Tamu served ice cream. Then, after Tusker converted to a sit down place, Tamu Tamu began to evolve into Harambe's counter service eatery.

And it seems the evolution may continue soon. If you have ever eaten there, you will notice the food is not served all that quickly. The food while fresh and tasty, takes a small amount of time to put together for the guest. It appears that Disney believes that will not work as hundreds of guests stream out of Festival of the Lion King looking for a bite to eat. So, to avoid massive bottlenecks, Disney will likely be redesigning the menu yet again for Tamu Tamu to offer things that can be moved quickly. Hopefully, they continue to serve items that a little unique though. It would be a shame to go back to hamburgers.

by Safari Mike (@JamboEveryone)

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  1. With proper logistics they should be able to keep it unique and not just the same old fast food items.

    Last time I was at Tamu Tamu I ran into the Hipsters!