Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Let's Make It A Conservation Christmas; Javan Rhino

We at Jambo Everyone talk a lot about rhinos. We love them and they are in trouble. Perhaps none more so than the Javan species. There may be less than 50 Javan rhinos left in the world. They are only found in two places. Ujung Kulan National Park on the island of Java in Indonesia and Cat Tien National Park in Vietnam, although if still in Vietnam there are likely less than 10 animals. Once common in Southeast Asia, poaching and habitat fragmentation have all but doomed this animal to extinction.

It may not be too late. By supporting groups like Save the Rhino, we still may save this amazing animal. It may look a lot like the Indian Rhinoceros but its much smaller. They are spread out in their jungle home. In fact, researchers have a hard time finding them. Instead, they usually just spot dung heaps. But this is actually how the animals communicate with one another since they too rarely see one another.

by Safari Mike (@JamboEveryone)

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