Wednesday, January 29, 2014

A Big Year Coming for Jambo Everyone

We have lots and lots of plans for Jambo Everyone during 2014.  Some of them may be pie-in-the-sky but today we have a few things we can reveal.

We are beginning to migrate all of our content into blog formats.  As you can see here on this page, we now have tabs above to take you to all of our web-guides, including dining, attractions, tours, entertainment and shops.  The “legacy” is still available (I couldn’t help myself) and will be for the time being.  But soon, all of that content will be coming here.  Well, not all...but that’s another announcement for another day.

Also, we have decided that Safari Mike and our animal photographs deserve their very own blogs.  For the next few weeks, this will mean simply migrating the “legacy” stuff (Okay, that was just me being ridiculous) over from their current locations to these new blogs.  This will give our readers who have maybe recently discovered us to be able to see some of these great images and read some of Mike’s dispatches for the first time.

Like I said, this is only step one for us.  To be totally honest, it’s just plain cheaper to do it this way.  And my goal is to cut our costs down as far as absolutely possible so we can dedicate any of the funds we raise strictly to conservation.

by Dave McBride

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