Monday, January 20, 2014

Creature Comforts to Become Starbucks?

This morning, is reporting that cast members working at the Creature Comforts store at Disney's Animal Kingdom have been informed the location will be closing this time next year.  No indication as to what will go in that location has been given.

The posting opines how this may be the future home of the Animal Kingdom's Starbucks store, and considering the location that seems to make some sense.  I suppose I was holding out hope the Starbucks contract would run out before the suits got around to ruining a location at DAK, but that's probably a pipe dream.  We'll keep you posted when we learn more...

by Dave McBride (@RadioHarambe)


  1. Saying something as stupid as "ruining a location at DAK" by becoming a Starbucks is way too strong for what is already a fairly generic retail store.

  2. In my opinion, the current location bares no influence upon my feelings towards having a Starbucks in DAK or any other theme park for that matter. It is a stupid idea, to use your word