Tuesday, January 7, 2014

A Look at the new Dawa Bar

So the Dawa bar has moved. And grown too. As we discussed this on a recent episode of Radio Harambe, We love the new bar. So we wanted to show you why were are excited. It is much bigger and a bit more modern looking. Where once you could fit only a few people at the bar, its now about as big a Disney resort pool bar.

I love the look of it. It really fits into the space nicely. Plus, the African margaritas are still there. The African beers are still there. The sugar cane mojitos are still there.

But that's not the only changes happening in the apparently every evolving Harambe. The old seating area which we told you was going to be closed has been well, closed off.

All those seats are gone for now. In fact, there is no covered area to eat in Africa. So if it's raining and you want some chicken and curry from Tamu Tamu, well, you have yourself a little bit of a problem. This hopefully will change soon. Keep a lookout here for more information.

by Safari Mike (@jamboeveryone)

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  1. I know why they moved the new bar, but the article does not state where they moved the bar to.