Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Dave's Latest "Kill Refurb Marry": Just the Animal Kingdom

Okay, I am going to throw my two cents in on this edition of "Kill Marry Refurb" because live performances at Disney are a favorite of mine.  But since most Disney fanatics don't really want to hear what I have to say about the "other" Disney parks, I will keep it to the Animal Kingdom.  And in all honesty, this is pretty easy...

Kill:  So what live performance would we want to axe at the Animal Kingdom?  Say it together with me folks...DeVine!  Is there really another choice?

Refurb:  This one is another obvious one, but perhaps not for an obvious reason.  I give this to GiTar Dan.  Dan does a great job, and he was absolutely perfect for the task he was given, entertaining families waiting on the meet-and-greet lines at Camp Minnie-Mickey.  But with the Camp now closed, Dan is in need for an equally appropriate location.  He is terrific fun, and he needs a place to bring smiles to guests like he's been doing for years.

Marry:  One word - Wassalou!  Or if you only know them by their Disney name, than Burudika.  These guys are off-the-hook good.  And I mean like international-superstar-grammy-winners good.  They are virtuoso musicians and they lay down a groove like nobody's business.  They aren't just the best in Walt Disney World, you'd have a hard time finding a better collection of musicians anywhere. Next time you see them playing while on your way to Kilimanjaro Safari, STOP WALKING AND LISTEN!!  The darn ride can wait a few minutes for a touch of culture along with a giant portion of musical brilliance.  (And just so it doesn't sound as though Wassalou is the only great band, let me offer a giant Honorable Mention award to the Tam-Tam Drummers.  They will blow you away as well)

by Dave McBride (@RadioHarambe)


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    1. didn't she have friend - Ivy or something? break out the Zero!

  2. Well, Bamboo would have been the clear winner but he was already axed...excuse the pun

  3. I've never seen your kill or refurb choices, but I love your marry pick!