Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Safari Mike's Latest "Kill Refurb Marry" : Live Performances

One of my favorite things about being a blogger is getting to share in the fun of stuff like the Kill/Marry/Refurb game started by my pals, Estelle of the incredible Happy Place Blog and Melissa of the amazing Mouse on the Mind. If you are not reading these blogs, well then shame on you and you should start. (Plus, I have guest written on both). Anywho, today we are killing marrying and refurbing live performances in the park. So without further ado...

Kill: Its kind of sad that I had a hard time picking this one just because there are so many good candidates. I absolutely hate the Beauty and the Beast stage show. It should have been trashed 20 years ago. The sound system sucks, the costume and staging are atrocious. The whole thing is awful but I am going to Epcot where one of the few bad things about World Showcase is when one country intrudes on the other. I cannot stand it when I can hear music from a country on the side of the park. Off Kilter is a prime example of this- heck these guys aren't even Canadian and don't even play Canadian songs. But having said that, I don't cringe at them like I do the horrific Mo Rockin'. Get it? Morocco, Mo Rockin'. Awful. And to be honest, the music is just lame. I dare you to go to Marrakesh and find a band like this. It won't happen. And that belly dancer? Please stop. So I am killing Mo

Refurb: This one was kind of tough to be honest, but I want to refurb Dream Along with Mickey in the Magic Kingdom. The idea behind the stage show isn't bad really. But I kind of feel the show falls a little flat. The music is ho hum and could use a redo. Frankly, with the coming of the sure to be amazing Festival of Fantasy parade, this show will need some more oomph. It drags a bit and the dreams theme is simply overplayed and is very 2006. Change up the characters maybe? Bust out Rapunzel and Flynn Rider perhaps. Or Merida. Maybe they can build a story around New Fantasyland. I'm not sure what to do but the show has outlasted its welcome so lets change it up.

Marry: On the plus side, there was a lot to choose from here, too. The Mariachi band at World Showcase is great. The Citizens of Hollywood are great. I love watching my son participate in the Jedi Training Academy. Dapper Dans? Awesome. Trolley show? Top notch. But I am picking my beloved Burudika Band over in Harambe. These guys are amazing musicians. I could sit at the Dawa bar and listen to these guys all day. They bring a lot of style to the area. And unlike Mo Rockin' very effectively blend modern sounds with cultural sensibilities. (Wow, I sounded pretty smart there). The band's true name is Wassalou and actually just (I mean that literally, as in yesterday) released an album that should be selling in Mombassa Market place. Buy it. Like right now.

by Safari Mike (@JamboEveryone)


  1. Agree. Agree. And ... well, I'd probably agree, but somehow, I've never managed to see Burudika Band ... how'd that happen?!?!

  2. Burudika Band is fantastic. They make me want to just dance all day. Melissa Sue, how have you not seen them yet?? That has to be a priority for a future trip ;)