Friday, March 14, 2014

A kid's look at Kilimanjaro Safari

When I think of the safari ride, I think about animals and Africa. And my favorite is the giraffe. And you always get to see my favorites, the giraffe, on the ride. Some of my other favorite animals to see are the cheetahs, hippos, and the elephants.

Kids might think that the safari ride is scary and fast when they watch it on a commercial. But its way different in person. Even the lions aren't scary because they are far away. And always sleeping. Little kids should always sit in the middle of the row, and not on the ends. When you are old enough, make sure your parents let you sit on the ends for a good view.

The line can be kind of long. So either go first or make sure you get fastpasses. Little kids can stay in the stroller all the way until almost the end of the line. Its a long walk so make sure you use your stroller.

The drivers are a lot of fun. They teach you a lot of things about the animals so pay attention. They will even teach you some swahili.

The ride is long and you see lots of different animals. The first parts are in the forest and by water where you will see hippos and crocodiles. After you see the baobob tree, you go to the big savanna with Thompson's gazelles, wildebeest, and the giraffes. Later on, you will the elephants and rhinos. Not far after that is the lions. Its all a lot of fun to see.

By Discoverer Meghan

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