Monday, March 24, 2014

Animal Kingdom Theme Spotlight: The King's Library at Kidani Village

For the first time, we are leaving the Animal Kingdom to discuss theming and heading over to one of my favorite spots in all of Walt Disney World; The King's Library at Kidani Village.

Before you even enter, you will notice the king's guards, one male and one female, at the door way leading into this quaint little room. You will often find that you are alone. Take a few minutes, enjoy the peacefulness and the decor. On the chairs themselves are likenesses of kings.

There are, like everywhere in the lodge, numerous artifacts. Almost all are from Cameroon, which is true for much of Kidani Village. In the main alcove, there are artifacts that are royal in nature, including a whisk and a royal dance staff. This is where the king holds court. Photographs adorn the wall showing locations from Cameroon to show off the local architecture.

There is also a fireplace in this room. More artifacts can be found along the wall. There are also two tapestries. If you examine them closely, you will see stitched into them are numerous names. These are the Founders' Tapestries. The names are those of the original people who bought into this DVC resort. Unfortunately, I am not one of them.

Now, I have been calling this a library, but you probably will quickly notice that there are no books. A big screen TV but no books- and that is keeping with the theme. In this part of Africa, there was no written word. Instead, information and lore were passed along by stories. So in this library, you tell the tale, you don't read it.

Before leaving, make sure you step outside. Its a great spot to overlook the savanna. If you don't have a room with a view, spend a lot of time here. The chairs are comfortable and its usually very quiet. A great place to read a book or tell a story.

By Safari Mike @jamboeveryone 

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