Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Restaurantosaurus: The Back Story Part 2

The back story is quite evident inside, as well. Tour all the various rooms. The Quonset Hut is the vehicle maintenance room loaded with tools, hubcaps and oil cans. If look carefully, you will see some the cans are for Sinclair Gas which was the brand used by Chester and Hester. There is a lot to see here as the students have taken the old place and as a joke, turned a lot of it into references to their daily lives: digging for dinos. There are grease painted dinosaurs and dinosaurs made from automobile parts. There is also the nearby plastering room which sounds exactly what its supposed to be. 

The recreation room is called, funny enough, the Hip Joint. The theme is obvious with the wall covered in badminton rackets, croquet sets and other games. And there is a lot of hidden gems to see here. First of all, you see all sorts of awards being given to various students over the years. The Zip award went to the student who worked the hardest and gotten nothing to show for it in terms of money. The Golden Trowel award goes to the student with the most finds over the year. The Golden Boot award went to that intern that travel the farthest in search of bones. On one wall, you will see rocks. You see each student brings a rock from home and leaves it on this wall painted with a message. The whole room really has the feel of a grad student rec room. 

Next to the rec room is the Airstream trailer. Some booths have been set up here for your dining pleasure. And, as you can imagine, there are juke boxes. The songs on the playlist though have a very distinctive theme. Songs like "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For," "All Dug Up," "I am a Rock," and "All Those Years Ago" are just a few of the choices. Books line the shelves with similar titles like Stone Deep and Skeleton Crew

This is, after all, a food place. And it has always provided food to the students, even before they opened it up to the growing tourist industry of Diggs County. Look for a door with loads of locks on it. In the old days, the Institute tried to limit the food being used here. But hungry hard working students kept breaking in, so all of those locks are actually broken. Signs nearby tell the story of how the Institute has given up. The note references a cooler. Well, remember the roof and the chairs, there is a cooler there. 

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  1. I can't believe how many of these details I've missed, both in part 1 & part 2. Thanks for filling us in on this incredibly detailed backstory!