Thursday, March 13, 2014

Safari Mike's Kill Refurb Marry: Counter Service at the World Showcase

It's time for us to take a quick break from the Animal Kingdom so Safari Mike can pontificate a bit on the rest of the World...

This month, we again have the fun of playing Kill Refurb Marry with The Happy Place Blog and Mouse on the Mind. This time we are doing counter service spots at World Showcase which is THE place to eat. There are lots of great choices (and some not so great). One of my favorite things to do at the Mouse is eat around the World, hitting different counter service spots at different countries. Sort of doing the Food and Wine Festival without actually doing Food and Wine. As a side note, why the hell can't you get cheese soup and pretzel bread in a Canadian CS, or a counter joint in Italy with Via Napoli slices? Anyway, here are my choices:

Kill: I'm going to pick the Yorkshire County Fish Shop. I don't eat fish and this only serves fish, and only one kind of fish. So not only is there absolutely nothing for me here, there really is zilch in the way of variety. I don't mind a place that serves fish and chips, but diversify. I mean come on, gimme something. And I have heard from people that the quality here has gone downhill. I wouldn't know cause there is no way I would eat at this place. Blow it up and give me something else.

Refurb: My backup choice for destruction was the Liberty Inn at the American pavilion. Its really super lame. But instead of killing it, I say refurb it. There are a lot of different ways to showcase food here in the US of A. And what says American cuisine more than barbecue? There are many different types across the country. I would make a place here here you could sample and compare the different styles of BBQ across the country: Memphis, Carolina, Texas and Kansas City. Also, change the decor too. What a snoozefest.

Marry: There were a lot of good choices for me in this spot: The Cantina, Kringla, Sommerfest, the ice cream place in France. But my pick is the awesome Tangierine Cafe. It has all the elements to make a first class counter service eatery: great aesthetic, really good food with variety, and almost no line. Americans seem to be frightened of Moroccan cuisine. Good, easier for me. The shawarma, tabouleh, marinated olives are worth every penny. There are wraps and combo platters that give you a lot of food. All of which is so so good. If you have never tried it, please do. You will love it.

by Safari Mike

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