Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Celebrate Earth Day By Sending the Planet a Present!

Happy Earth Day to all of our friends and fellow fanatics of Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  Today, in the spirit of Disney company, we would like to celebrate the holiday with a little cross promotion!  (Okay, maybe that was a bit too snarky for a holiday…)
On Earth Day we should think about what we can each do to help our planet and the species which inhabit it. But as we all know,  many of the world’s most beautiful animals are in critical danger of disappearing forever.  But perhaps today we can help them a little by helping the people working on the ground to save them.

So to celebrate Earth Day we ask that you make a donation, even a tiny one, to one of our Conservation Partners.  Click here to learn more.
 We have worked with and donated ourselves to these fantastic organizations.  They are run by great people working to save Cheetahs, Macaws, Grevy’s Zebras. Gorillas and Rhinos, some of our most treasured species and all of which are featured at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

There is real and often dangerous work that needs to be done to save these species, and that work isn’t easy or cheap.  Just a couple of bucks goes a long way.  

Thank you very much and have a Happy Earth Day!  And if the rhinos, cheetahs, macaws, zebras and gorillas of the world could thank you themselves they certainly would!

by Dave McBride

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