Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Kill Refurb Marry: Animal Kingdom Drinks

This month in Kill Refurb Marry is Animal Kingdom drinks, and frankly, how could I not participate. I mean if I could pick anyplace in the world to sit back, relax and have a beverage (the adult kind or not) it's the Animal Kingdom. There is a lot I love about this place and drinking is one of them Of course, that means the big problem is what to bump off.  

Kill: Like I said I had a heck of time coming up with a kill this month. Then my wife reminded me about the episode of Radio Harambe where Adam from the Disney Hipsters came on to discuss the Royal Anandapur Tea Company which is a cart that supposedly specializes in tea not far from the Yak and Yeti counter service. He taught us a lot including how the cart itself can't make the teas right. So lets get rid of that. Now, I think this area is a great spot for a tea place.  So a little tea store with well brewed teas would be great. And maybe some good pastries too. And keep that awesome back story which is tied into the Expedition Everest queue. But an awesome sit down little counter service place would be a lot better than this kiosk. 

Refurb: I love the Yak Attack. I do. Its great on a hot day. But I am generally not a frozen drink kind of guy. I like my margaritas on the rocks, not as a slushie. So maybe this wouldn't be so much a refurb, but at least give me an "on the rocks" option. I would drink that all day, except when it was time for....

Marry: This one was easy as pie. This drink would win the Kill Refurb Marry of drinks at Walt Disney World. Ladies and Gentleman I give you the sugar cane mojito at the Dawa Bar. I like myself a good mojito and this slightly sweet one, is the best. Now, I am a big Dawa bar fan anyway. Sitting in Harambe with the hustle and bustle just off to the side of you, and if you are lucky the Burudika Band playing not far away, adding the best drink to this great spot is an easy win for me. 

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  1. Dawa is a win for drinks and atmosphere, it seems!! Thanks so much for playing. :)