Monday, June 9, 2014

Animal Kingdom Theme Spotlight: Tikar Men's Prestige Hat

The Tikar are an ethnic group located in what is today Cameroon. The use of the term Tikar to describe people of the area has become complicated. This is especially true when discussing art objects. In any event, there are only approximately 25,000 true Tikar all located within one province of Cameroon. They are closely related to other tribes, often referred to as Tikar, that speak a form of Bantoid, including the Bedzan pygmies.

They have a strange idea of conception. It is believed the blood a woman ordinarily menstruates forms the skin, blood, flesh and many of the fetus's organs. The father's sperm forms the bones, brains and teeth, as well as the penis in the baby males. I am uncertain why Disney doesn't go into this on their plaques. 

Hats are an important piece of tribal clothing in Cameroon cultures. These are used by males to show their rank within society. Within this culture, hats are deemed important as it is believed it holds both the person's intellect and spirit. 

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