Monday, August 4, 2014

Animal Kingdom Theme Spotlight: The Statues on Discovery Life

You ever wonder about the curious little statues that pop up around the paths of Discovery Island. They don't really seem to fit into the place. The architecture itself is so bright and vibrant and yet here are these prehistoric looking stone statues of animals. So what are they? Well, like everything else at the Animal Kingdom, there is a back story to those curious little stone critters.

Discovery Island was not always populated by people (or even tourists). The Tree of Life stood on this empty piece of land. Until an ancient tribe of nomads wandered on to the little island. This tribe immediately became awe struck by the great tree with its animal visages. So, they never left. They knew they should not leave as the Tree was magical and provided shelter for them. So, they abandoned their nomadic life style and took root on the island. In tribute to their home, they created works of art, idolizing the life forms found on the Tree of Life. They also built a community, which they never had before, that was harmonious with nature. And that never changed.

Now today, the relatives of that ancient tribe still occupy the island and are still inspired by it. Their art is much more advanced now, much more whimsical, and much much more colorful. But they have not abandoned the old statues. Their predecessors were enthralled by the majestic tree and created stone sculptures of the animals they saw there. Little did they know some of those animals could be found far far away or even in the deep ocean.

by Safari Mike (@JamboEveryone)

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