Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Mom Shows Off Baby Gorilla at Pangani Forest Exploration Trail

Disney announced the birth of a brand new baby gorilla earlier this month. So I thought this week, upon my return from a quick trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom, I would share with you a couple of the photos I took of this new yet-to-be-named baby boy and his mother.

During my visit, the weather was…not to exaggerate…boiling! As a result the mother , whose name is Azizi, was doing her best to keep her new baby in the shade. Often that meant in corners of the habitat very difficult to see. But on occasion she made her way into a shady cool spot right next to the window part of the enclosure. And that’s where I managed to get those photos on two separate occasions.

Mom seems to be doing a great job and is very cautious with her new pride and joy. There is also a 4-year old in the family group who can be a bit playful at times. Whenever the that juvenile comes near mom and baby she moves away and keeps the infant from any disturbance.

All over the park, cast members are beaming with pride over the birth of this very endangered Western Lowland Gorilla. The baby’s survival and health is never sure thing, even in captivity, so fingers remain crossed.  But every one of the animal care specialists I spoke to are optimistic and very happy with the way mom is behaving and nurturing. Right now, this beautiful baby boy is practically an e-ticket attraction for guests visiting the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail.  If you are at the park, head over and see him while he is still so adorably tiny!

by Dave McBride

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  1. Thank you for sharing! I can't wait to see the new baby boy. I know Lily is happy to have a little brother.