Friday, August 29, 2014

There Once Was a Discovery Island Here

In yesterday's post, Safari Mike talked about future construction projects at Disney’s Animal Kingdom.  But as well know, there are quite a few projects already happening, and they have pretty much turned Discovery Island into a giant hallway.  Here is a photo of what you now see when exiting the Oasis and look down onto the island…

Since these walls have pretty much overrun everything, Disney is forced to paint direction arrows onto the wall itself or else no one would be able to tell where they are.

I know Disney is working towards a better Animal Kingdom, and to see this much TLC going on is heartening for us fans. But this is an awful lot of intrusion, and after they add the additional walls talked about yesterday I will feel terrible for those experiencing the park for the first time while looking like this.

by Dave McBride (@RadioHarambe)

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  1. Thinking logically, I know something better will (hopefully) be coming to the parks. But as a mom of two toddlers, Discovery Island was one of few quiet, but still interesting, places you could take small children to relax and explore without being quite so tethered to you. So, this is a total bummer! I hope it doesn't last TOO long.