Sunday, September 21, 2014

Another baby at Pangani

Recently, we have told you about the babies being seen at the Pangani Forest trail. Well, apparently, the stork is still stopping by. In addition to the well publicized gorilla baby born a little over a month ago, we also spotted some baby meerkats. Now, we are hearing another baby gorilla has been born within the last couple of weeks.

It is unknown to us whether the baby is a boy or girl at this point. Also, it is not always "on stage" especially with some recent inclement weather. However, periodically, you can see the newborn along with the other baby in the family troop, which is the first set of gorillas along the trail.

This is, of course, exciting. Babies always bring crowds to see it, especially when the infant is of a high profile species like the gorilla. Also, these apes are highly endangered, so every new one helps ensure the survival of this magnificent animals.

By Safari Mike (@jamboeveryone)

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