Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Kill Refurb Marry: Transportation Style!

It's time for another round of the incredibly awesome, always entertaining, wildly popular Kill Refurb Marry from my pals, Mouse on the Mind and This Happy Place Blog. This time around we examine Disney transportation. So, what way to get around Disney would I marry, refurb or kill dead.

I still like the monorail at Epcot

Kill: The Monorail. Yeah, you heard me. This is really a comment on the whole Disney TTC process. I am so over it. Its time to fill in the lagoon - its time to pave paradise and put in a parking lot. Frankly, with all the alternate monorail schedules and breakdowns, its just not a reliable way to get people from here to there. I mean the damn thing broke from a lightning bolt - IN FLORIDA. There will be more of those coming soon, believe me. I know, I know the monorail is an icon- I love the trip to Epcot and I guess we can keep the resort loop. I mean those people at the Poly are willing to spend $650/night to sleep in a construction zone, I suppose a broken monorail won't bother them much.

Refurb: The Wildlife Express: This is not so much about the mode (I love Disney trains) but the scenery. I would love to see the train expanded with stops at Harambe, Kidani and Jambo House - that would blow the resort loop out of the water, but for now its a fun way (and the only way) to get to one corner of the park. As it is, the way out to Rafiki's Planet Watch is great with a little look behind the scenes at animal enclosures. But the way back to Harambe is a real snooze fest. They need to spruce that up a bit. There is plenty of space - throw an animal exhibit there - perhaps a large group of endangered Mongolian Wild Horses, something to look at so the trip back is just as fun as the trip there.

The peaceful Wilderness Lodge

Marry: The Wilderness Lodge boat to the Magic Kingdom. I seriously love this trip. Its such a quiet peaceful journey. At night, after a day at MK, it really sets the mood for the Wilderness Lodge. Nothing beats a little boat ride home after being on your feet all day. 

By Safari Mike (@jamboeveryone)

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