Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Not All Walls Are The Same

As we have been telling you for some time, Disney's Animal Kingdom is full of construction walls. And that really stinks, but at least in Asia those walls are not just the same drab and boring old walls we see everywhere else...

Asia is an amazingly themed and detailed area, and it is great to see that Imagineers had the good sense to not turn it into a giant beige hallway everywhere. We have seen some nice temporary walls before, but I am not sure we have seen this many in one place.

You'll find not just gorgeous pictures of scenery from the Himalayan region, but also of towns that inspired Joe Rohde and his creative team to bring it to life at DAK.

Sitting high in the mountains, Serka Zong is a place filled with fascinating architecture, beautiful landscape and inspiring spirituality. Prayer flags are everywhere around the forbidden mountain, and for good reason when one considers the mountain's inhabitant.

Just in case you were wondering, the Thorong La Pass is located in Nepal and connects two villages high in the Himalayas. Imagine being a trader and having to cross a nearly 200 mile pass some 17,769 ft above sea level just to conduct business.

Our thanks to Destinations in Florida Travel for these photos. Don't forget to book your next trip with our travel partner Jenn Greene and she will make a donation to our conservation partners!

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