Thursday, September 4, 2014

Pangani's Newest Additions

Safari Mike talked last week about changes and construction coming to the Pangani Forest Exploration Trail in the not-too-distant future. But during our last trip, we saw quite a few new additions already, making this already incredible place even that much better. Here is a few…

First, is the new e-ticket attraction at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, the brand new and yet unnamed baby western lowland gorilla. People are clamoring to get a glimpse of this beautiful boy, so prepare to fight the crowds a bit over at the gorilla habitat. For even more photos, click here to have a look from our post last week.

Speaking of babies, there are also some new additions to the meerkat group as well. We weren’t expiating to see them, as Disney often announces these arrivals, but there they were, as cute as heck!

And finally, just behind the meerkat colony, is a small group of the endangered Grevy’s Zerba. We particularly love this species of zebra and are working our best to raise money for the Grevy’s Zebra Trust. To learn more about them, and to donate, head to our conservation page and click through to the GZT’s donation page.

by Dave McBride (@RadioHarambe)

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