Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Sable Antelope on the Sunrise Safari

We will miss the Sunrise Safari when it leaves in December. One of the best things about is the leisurely pace of the safari ride itself. You are the only ones in the attraction in the morning, so the driver can stop for a bit and you can get a great look at an animal.

Here we have the sable antelope, which is the icon of the Harambe Wildlife Reserve, This early morning look at herd in the tall grass, is a one of a kind experience and what was so special about the tour.

by Safari Mike

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  1. Harambe Wildlife Reserve is a best place to explore the wildlife. I also visited this spot few months ago during my us tours. I have been there with my family. In this spot we can see a variety of animals during enjoy the rides. baboons, cheetahs, elephants, lions and hippos are most famous animals of this attraction. All famous animals of Africa are found there. It is also becomes one of the most favorite areas of the Disneyland from last few years.