Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kill Refurb Marry: Coffee Places

Our friends over at Happy Place Blog and Mouse on the Mind put together a blog roll called Kill Refurb Marry. Naturally, the idea is you love something so much you wanna marry it. There's another thing you kind of like but it needs some work. And, of course, there is something you just want to wipe off the face of the earth. This time we are talking coffee joints.

Kill: This one is easy. That coffee place right out in front of the Animal Kingdom. It seems so drab and dull and yes, I know that's kind of the point but still in a place full of theming, this has none. Blow it up. If you can't make something with a little pizzazz then don't bother.

Refurb: I am going to say Kusafiri here. Don't get me wrong, I really like Kusafiri. Still, its not quite perfect. One thing is it needs some seating. Harambe is a great place to park your butt and enjoy a cup of coffee and people watch. So add some space to do that. But even more important is to add some different coffees. Joffreys has several Disney related blends that would fit right in. There is a Jiko blend, a Taste of Africa blend and even a Tusker House blend. They need to sell these here.

Marry: Those of you who read this blog, or even more so listen to Radio Harambe know that Disney's Hollywood Studios is not my favorite - not by a long shot.  Yet, I love some parts of the park like One Man's Dream, Hollywood Blvd., and Muppet Vision. Also, I love the Writer's Stop. While most guests run over each other to get to Toy Story or the Tower, we sign up for Jedi Training, ride Star Tours and then hit this coffee place for some really unhealthy breakfast options and coffee. Its quiet, quaint and just fantastic. I hope it never leaves.

By Safari Mike

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