Thursday, December 11, 2014

Get Ready to Ride a Banshee

It isn’t very often you get a scoop from a company’s CEO, but that is exactly what happened today. Speaking to Variety magazine, Disney chief Bob Iger gave us the best information so far as to what the ride experience will be like on the e-ticket attraction being constructed for the upcoming Avatar project at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. Here is what write Marc Graser describes.

The vessels that guests will ride upon will essentially be the banshees themselves, with bodies that move to mimic a breathing beast. The flying sequences will be brought to life through large video screens — similar to “Soarin'” — with vehicles moving with the 3D action inside a massive theater.

It is hard not to use the word “groundbreaking” here. IF this description is an accurate portrayal of what we will get, and there is no reason to believe it isn’t, this does have the makings of a game-changer for DAK. It is also good to know how far along these projects are in development. It looks like Pandora will open with at least one e-ticket in operation.

It has been a while since we discussed Avatar at DAK, and this new bit of info backs up what I have felt all along about this project. Avatar is not my favorite film, and I can think of dozens of films I would rather see at DAK. However, I sit firmly in between skeptical and excited simply because I do not think that quality of film has any impact upon the quality of attractions. And I feel in the hands of Joe Rohde, even a film I don’t like can become a “must do” for me. No matter how much you may hate the idea of Avatar at the Animal Kingdom, what Iger describes here has to have theme park fans excited.

by Dave McBride (@RadioHarambe)

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