Tuesday, December 30, 2014

The Mighty Men of Mouse Draft Part 2

Here is the rest of my draft picks:

Picks 154 and 155 (Rounds 7/8)

So 6 picks in and I had 4 attractions, my resort but only one meal. This is where I learned a rule I didn't initially appreciate. Extinct meals are not allowed. From the beginning of the draft, I was hoping to use my knowledge (perhaps obsession) with the Animal Kingdom to my advantage. And I knew back in the day that Restarauntosaurus did a character meal which ended about 7 years ago. A lot of character meals were gone by this point but I contemplated waiting another cycle before trying to grab Donald's Breakfastosaurus hoping most of the contestants didn't recall the meal.

Ultimately I decided not to chance it and sent in my pick. Only to be promptly informed of the rule against extinct meals. Well, its a good thing I didn't wait because there was still one available to take in a pinch - the Princess Tea Party at the Grand Floridian for lunch. I also found out there was one package that included booze and all of a sudden it was a solid pick and better than my initial selection.


For my other choice, I wanted another attraction. My theme park days should center around attractions not meals. Plus, I thought the eateries later on would be comparable to the ones that were going in the middle rounds. That is, I thought the value of meals in the later rounds would be higher than the value of the rides. In fantasy football, there usually are some valuable receivers in the late rounds but no running backs. I looked around and saw a few classic attractions still left to pick - the original Living Seas, Country Bear Jamboree, Timekeeper and Hall of Presidents. Plus, I gave strong consideration to picking the Maharajah Jungle Trek. I felt the Seas and Timekeeper were too future worldy which I already had in abundance and I wanted a varied experience. So, I went ahead and picked the country bears, Christmas edition.

Picks 198 and 199 (Rounds 9/10)

time for lettuce cups

I had long decided that I was picking Yak and Yeti for dinner, last seating, so I could leisurely stroll through a night time DAK. I would have a second floor table with a nice view. This would slightly change but more on that later.  As you will see, here is where I started focusing on the Animal Kingdom where I thought I could find some real value late. But I think I may have made a mistake. I picked the Pangani Forest trail. Considering the Jungle Trek was taking about 40 picks earlier, I thought it a solid pick. But a few picks after me, someone picked the Wilderness Explorer's game at DAK, and dammit I should have picked that.

my dining view

Picks 242 and 243 (Rounds 11/12)

One pick I had sat on for a few rounds was the Journey into the Jungle Book, a somewhat obscure but quality stage show that ran for the first year the park was opened in the Theater in the Wild, where Nemo currently plays. It was replaced by Tarzan Rocks which was taken at pick 150, and I think I got the better show.

For my other pick, I dug deep. One rule is that you can't take a complete tour when the tour incorporates a ride. That is, you can take the railroad tour but you don't get the ride on the Magic Kingdom train. Now for the Sunrise Safari, the safari ride was obviously out. But I could still take the breakfast, which is top notch and not well known. The food is from AKL not the Pizzafari where the meal is serve. And the food is quite good. Its a buffet with an omelet station, banana French toast, cheesy hash browns and lots more. Plus, 2 animal keepers from the Lodge are there and mingle with the guests. At pick number 243, with people picking breakfast at resort counters like Roaring Forks and Captain Cooks, I grabbed real value.

a pretty cool place for a buffet

Picks 286 and 287 (Rounds 13/14)

Here we are at the end game, my last 2 picks and all I had left to take was a lunch and a breakfast. And yet again, that Russ Shuttlesworth, snagged my pick right out from under me. My dream of picking the Mara for breakfast and taking my African meal out by the flamingoes was dashed. So, instead I picked my resort's counter, the Riverside Mill. Nothing fancy but nice and convenient and about as good as it gets this late.

along the Sassagoula for breakfast

For my last pick, I again used the rules and my DAK knowledge to my advantage. I knew very early on that the Lion King show from Harambe Nights had been taken, it was in round 3 actually. But the buffet was never picked by anyone. And the buffet was a big hit. It has characters, street music, and all you can drink booze. Plus, DAK at night. All I did was slide my Yak & Yeti meal to lunch and my team was done. I was not allowed the characters as that would be a separate part of the hard ticket event, but the atmosphere, the party and all the good food were mine ALL MINE and at the end of the draft. I mean the Harambe Nights buffet was taken 178 picks after Trail's End lunch, 168 picks after Biergarten lunch, 72 picks after the Rainforest CafĂ©!  It was like grabbing a thousand yard receiver in the last round - a potential difference maker.

Harambe as night falls

So there you have it. My 2 day trip to WDW

Resort: Princess Room at Port Orleans Riverside

Meals Day1: Sunset Safari breakfast, Yak and Yeti lunch, Hoop Dee Doo Revue
Day 2: Riverside Mill breakfast, Princess tea party, Harambe Nights buffet

Attractions: Wild Africa Trek, Body Wars, the original Journey into Imagination, Legends of the Force parade,
Country Bear Jamboree, Pangani Forest, and Journey into the Jungle Book

Frankly, I think I won, but I suggest you check out http://mightymenofmouse.blogspot.com/2014/11/big-board-for-fall-2014.html and decide for yourself.  Four out of my six meals are events not just food. My attractions are a nice mix of rides, shows, and a parade all anchored by a 4 hour tour that can't be beat. What other attraction out there is so cool and memorable that it includes a big CD full of photographs from your time there. So there you have it - my team. What do you think?

By Safari Mike

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