Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Theme Spotlight: The Adventurers Outpost

In May of 2013, a new meet and greet opened for Mickey and Minnie. The move was in part due to the closure of Camp Minnie Mickey. So the meet and greet replaced the old Beastly Bazaar gift shop near the entrance to It's Tough to Be a Bug.

The outside remained unchanged, but inside the old gift shop was gutted and a new themed meet and greet greet has arisen. This is the home of the world traveling couple.

As you wait in the queue, you notice pictures of the globe trotting couple. Whether, they are investigating an ancient asian ruin or on a safari, there are plenty of snapshots for you to enjoy.

There are also some fun signs. This notice of adventures basically outlines the Kilimanjaro Safari attraction sandwiched between the outpost and the Pangani attraction. And then there is this sign to keep you bust while you wait:

There are all sorts of little nuggets about the rest of the park - whether it;s Expedition Everest or the Boneyard in nearby Dinoland USA. There are pictures of the replica of the T-Rex Sue found near the Dino Institute as well as a photo the ruins near the siamang exhibit in Anandapur. And make sure you read the notes, too. My favorite might the business card for Gupta's Gear, an homage to the queue of Everest.

Those last two signs are right before you get to the main feature of the Outpost: Mickey and Minnie. The room where you meet them is just as fun, with all sorts of artifacts. Not to mention the amazing back drop loosely based on the park's map, complete with Serka Zong, the Tree of Life, the ruins shaped like the forbidden mountain, and Dinoland.

So when you do head for this fun little meet and greet, like everything else at the Animal Kingdom, make sure you take in the details.

By Safari Mike

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