Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Walls down around the Tree

As we discussed in episode 44 of Radio Harambe, some of the walls have come down around the Tree of Life. Or perhaps, more accurately, they have been pushed back creating a bigger open space. Our friend, Nick (@NCucerzan) has some photographs of the area.

As you can see, its a wide open space. Plenty of room for some entertainment options, such as Viva Gaia. The rock work at your feet is quite detailed and made to look very old.

There seems to be a clear difference. I am not sure why just yet, or even if this will be the final appearance. There will likely be some changes as they continue to work on the area. Its fairly barren at this point. Although there is this cool sign:

Anyway, before we go, here is a look at the water tower coming to the Harambe Market. I'm starting to love the look of this thing.

We will get more pictures in the future. And as always, thanks Nick!

By Safari Mike

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