Saturday, December 13, 2014

Where will the hyenas go?

As we first reported back in August, Disney has acquired three spotted hyenas. A few weeks ago, two of them were spotted at Rafiki's Planet Watch where they were undergoing quarantine exams. Since hearing about this, we have pondered where would the hyenas be exhibited. Would it be on the safari somewhere? An exhibit perhaps in the new section of Harambe?

photo by Aruna Mohan (@arunarealafrica)

We are now hearing that the hyenas will be a part of the safari attraction, but at night. As you probably recall, Disney announced as part of its Rivers of Light press release, a night time version of Kilimanjaro Safari. The hyenas will appparently be seen there.

This is exciting news. We have wondered what a night version of the attraction would be. One question we had would be what animals would be viewed. Would it be the same as the day time version? Apparently not. It would truly be a "different" attraction if they exhibit different animals at the night version. And seeing hyenas at night would be - well awesome.

By Safari Mike

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