Thursday, January 1, 2015

A Walk Around DAK with Nick - New Years Edition

We are lucky enough to have another edition of walking around Disney's Animal Kingdom with our friend Nick. You should be following him on twitter at @NCucerzan and he's giving us some great photos over the last few months as he strolls the park. 

As you can see DAK is a bit crowded but there are plenty of walls. 

Work continues of the Disney Outfitters as it expands. 

As you may recall, walls around the Tree have been pushed back. 

It looks kind of barren but there is some great detail. 

The new coffee kiosk by Flame Tree has opened. 

The menu looks fairly typical of a coffee kiosk. That is except for the Island Cappuchino.

The details are outstanding. 

And so do the pastries. 

Flame Tree is about to go under a refurb. Some of it will change but here's a montage as it is now. 

Rivers of Light continues to grow. 

From Flame Tree you can see some good details. 
Along the River banks work on what we suppose is viewing areas continues 

The Harambe Market (still not officially announced) nears completion. 

You can begin to see structures above those fancy construction walls. 
Hopefully full details will be out soon. Keep it posted here for details

And speaking of fancy walls, we love how construction walls at DAK are so different. 

Don't you just love them. 

Happy New Year Everyone! 

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