Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Disney's Animal Kingdom News Round-Up for January 21, 2015: Avatar and Tigers

What exactly is “Morpho”?: WESH News in Orlando reported yesterday on a new and mysterious construction permit filed by Disney to begin work on a project they call “Morpho. Okay, maybe it’s not all that mysterious since the term “Project Morpho” is the codename we have known about for some time for the Avatar construction project at Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The permit is for what they call “DAK Expansion - Morpho 803 Completion Package” and it is unusually vague.

image copyright Disney
What is new is that despite all of furor over someone flying an unmanned drone over the Avatar construction area, Disney allowed WESH’s helicopter to essentially get the exact same view. I guess WESH can thank the mysterious drone pilot for paving the way for them to get access to the skies hove DAK. If you didn't see that drone video, take a look at this one. It gives you a real sense of the scale of the area and its buildings and even a bit of the layout.

Some Great News for Tigers: Let us turn to some conservation news, and how about a little good news for a change? According to a report by the Guardian on Tuesday, India has reported a dramatic increase in its tiger population over the last three years.

Tigers face a perilous fight for survival. Between poaching and habitat loss, many believed the end was inevitable. Perhaps this glimmer of hope may change that and maybe, just maybe, we are finally on the road to success.

Park Hours for this week are...

Wednesday: January 21  9am - 5pm (Extra Magic Hour 8 - 9am)
Thursday: January 22  9am - 5pm
Friday: January 23  9am - 5pm
Saturday: January 24  9am - 7pm
Sunday: January 25  9am - 7pm
Monday: January 26  9am - 5pm (Extra Magic Hour 8 - 9am)
Tuesday: January 27  9am - 5pm

Check Out Kenny the Pirate for this week’s Entertainment Schedule!

Attraction Closures:
Kali River Rapids: closed until February 4
Sunrise Safari: discontinued
Creature Comforts: closed
Flame Tree Barbecue: closed until April 2015

Have A Wild Time this week!!

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