Tuesday, January 6, 2015

EXCLUSIVE Behind the Scenes at Avatarland

As construction continues, here is a small peak over the walls at Avatarland, or Pandora or "Pandora; the Land of Avatar" or whatever you want to call it...

The above and below pictures are looking at the new land from over by Pizzafari, which we believe will be the main entrance to the new land. As you can see, the bridge once leading to Camp Minnie-Mickey is getting worked on as it leads to this huge worksite.

How about we take a peek from the other direction? Well, there will be path leading from the Harambe Theater area that will lead into Pandora. Here is a peak over the wall near the new restroom building just off the Festival of the Lion King entrance.

The path looks great. We can't wait for it to be open. I have to say there does seem to be some sort of structure there. I am unclear what that is but the path will likely lead under a bridge and you can see the path sloping downwards.

By Safari Mike

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