Monday, January 5, 2015

EXCLUSIVE Behind the scenes at Harambe Market

We have been talking about the new Harambe Market for some time now. Here are some great "over the walls" photos for you. First as you can see, there building are peaking out over the walls.

But once over the wall, there is a lot going on

The 2 buildings are coming along nicely. Still no announcement from Disney or timetable, but it should only be a few months.

In the above pic, you can see the walls look a lot like the ones around the Tamu fort seating area. You also get a good look at the water tower and what looks like a smaller structure.

Here's a bit better look at the "crumbling" wall.

Finally, the other side of the area. This smaller structure stands directly behind Mombasa. This will be the entrance to the Market from the path towards Asia. Again, that same crumbling wall motif will mark the entrance.

Hopefully, there will be more pics coming soon

By Safari Mike

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