Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Aruna's Real Africa: A Podcast Companion

As you may have heard I was on the Radio Harambe podcast this week (and if you haven’t heard, go and listen!) so I thought I would do a quick companion post with photographs to go with it.

At my favorite campsite, Tzendse. There are always elephants near the fence...

A small traffic jam caused by a lion in the road.

The young hyena pup begging for a handout. Luckily these people knew better than to feed it.

A red hartebeest, one of the less charming antelope in my opinion. These cannot be found in Kruger by the way, this photograph was taken in Addo Elephant Park.

The boomslang with his frog dinner. On the left the bench I was sitting on. The photo quality isn’t very good as of course I had left my camera in the car and this was with my phone and I didn’t want to get too close for obvious reasons ;-)

Dave also asked me what my favorite animal was to photograph and of course that isn’t an easy question to answer. Now I’ve thought about it a bit more I think I can say that it’s either an animal I haven’t seen before, or not been able to photograph before or just the animal I’m photographing at that moment, trying to get a good picture so it can even be something like this beautiful golden orb spider...

I’ll be leaving again for Kruger on the 5th of February at 1 am (4th February 6pm on the east coast of the US) follow me on twitter @arunarealafrica

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