Sunday, March 15, 2015

A Photo for Today: Out of the Way

One of the most beautiful and graceful birds in the world, the saddle billed stork makes its home along the banks of the Discovery River. They are found on the path that is directly behind the Tree of Life. To find them, you must bear right just before entering Harambe. In fact, you can often see them from the bridge leading into the Africa area of the park. This seems appropriate as they are in fact commonly seen in the waters of Africa.

This is one of my favorite sights at the Animal Kingdom and one of the park's best features. To have such a little, out of the way path and find this kind of beauty is unique in the theme park world. And yet, this is still the main water way of the park. Millions walk right past there and don't notice. We always talk about how the Animal Kingdom's strength lies in these little nooks and crannies, and this picture demonstrates that idea so well.

by Safari Mike

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