Thursday, March 19, 2015

Aruna's Real Africa - Kgalagadi Lion sightings

Remember me saying I didn't get excited about lion sightings? Well it wasn’t like that in the Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park (KTP)! We saw a total of 16 lions and while most of them were sleeping the others definitely made up for that.

Because of the lack of bushes and shrubs in the KTP all the lions were fully visible and very close. This is probably why people say that the lions in the KTP are bigger than in Kruger, they are not, you can just see them better. What is definitely true however, is that the lions in the KTP are healthier as 80% of the lions in Kruger have tuberculosis, and that definitely shows.

This sighting was a group of 4 lions, three of them were very visible and the fourth one was lying in the shade behind a tree trunk and was a bit too far for me to get pictures. Even some of the pictures here are actually a bit too far, but they do add to the story..

At first the two young brothers came down to drink

Then all of a sudden a thunderstorm began...

After a really loud thunderclap that made them jump, it started to rain and they decided that they weren’t wet enough and started grooming each other.

The rain stopped just as suddenly as it had started so one of the brothers decided it was time to relax and dry off..

His brother still wanted to play...

And then their sister decided to join in on the fun as well...

Just one big happy family :)

They played for a while and I just enjoyed watching them and then they all decided to join the lioness by the tree and were definitely to far away for photo’s...

A great sighting, and one of the best things about it; there were only 4 other cars there and everybody made sure they weren’t blocking each other’s view.

by Aruna Mohan (@arunarealafrica)

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